The Scottish weather

Aye, I know, it’s a crap topic: talking about the weather and all that. But the weather here has been very odd in recent times. Usually, as Susan has said, I describe the weather to her in shades of grey. But in the last week or two, it’s been consistently… well, sunny and… warm, and… well, I’m not quite sure how to put this, but… blue.

I don’t trust it. It’s up to something. I’ve been saying so since it started. There’s this big yellow bastard in the sky and it looks evil, it looks dangerous. That’s what I’ve been telling people, anyone who would listen, and none of them would but I’ve been telling them anyway.

And what’s happening now? We’ve got chunks of ICELAND falling on us! The bloody SKY is falling on us!! Cars are getting covered in black, grey ash, planes can’t take off or land, people in the north are talking about the nasty, sulphurous taste of the air… I TOLD them, I bloody WARNED them. But who’s got the last laugh now, eh? EH?

Not me.

Because Susan has a flight booked via, yup, Reykjavik. The capital of Iceland. She’s due to land here on Saturday afternoon. As it stands, though, things are kind of up in the air. Unlike the planes. We think she’ll get in okay, because SURELY the volcanic ash cloud can’t hang about not moving for a whole further week. Can it? But, it seems likely that Scottish airspace might be the only airspace in the UK with flights taking off and landing, which will mean lots of flights for other places, in England basically, will land at Glasgow and coaches will be booked by the airlines to take their passengers to their destinations. It’s happened already: two flights landed at Glasgow the other day which were actually for London and Manchester. Which means there may well be flights landing here next Saturday, but there will equally likely be lots of delays. So Susan will probably get here, but she might not be in the happiest of moods by the time we see each other. Mind you, once we do any bad mood isn’t going to survive. It’ll be yet another fantastic visit, and we have a table booked at Raeburn’s for the following Friday evening. I might well post about that.


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